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Applying what you have learned from your mistake A well-written sample personal statement can be your guide on how to make past mistakes seem like a life-changing moment for you. Remember not to dwell on the negative but to concentrate on the positive aspects of this experience. A personal statement sample by capstone writing services can be your guide to see how authors made an exceptional piece based on this theme. The prestigious private school Yale University has been hailed as one of the world’s best universities to attend. With its top-notch education and fully featured facilities, it is no wonder why Yale is regarded by so many as one of the best schools. There are, however, some facts that may make you want to avoid attending Yale. Whether you are just getting ready to apply for college or your Yale application was rejected, you may want to know about these facts that make some people decide against Yale. This article will cover a number of reasons not to attend Yale University. It’s a home of world changers and jerks alike Throughout the years, Yale has produced some of the finest graduates, including US Presidents, Nobel laureates, academic leaders, masters of technology and innovation, and Pulitzer Prize winners. Aside from these numerous world changers, however, Yale has also been associated with a number of disappointments. In 1977, for example, a Yale graduate by the name of Richard Herrin used a hammer to murder Bonnie Garland, a senior at Yale at that time.



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